Anna Johnstone, BA (Hons.) History

What qualifies me for this role?

I have recently completed a BA (Honours) History degree,through the Open University, while bringing up my children. I also hold a LAO Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Business and Administration. My previous employment is in sales administration, where I gained  a City and Guilds qualification in Construction and Electrical Materials Distribution. Prior to leaving full-time education I was awarded an A’ Level in English Literature. I have excellent spoken and written communication, good organisational skills, and an eye for detail.

While I was studying and bringing up a family, I have also been running the online fundraising site of Responsible Charity on a volunteer basis. This is a secular non-profit NGO which provides education and family planning and health services to the people living in the slums of Pune and Kolkata on a volunteer basis.

I am resilient, self-motivated and adaptable to sudden change which has enabled me to move house with my family twice, and take good care of three young and extremely lively children, while also maintaining good coursework grades.

I consider these qualities to be evidence of both my determination and my ability to meet personal challenges and goals, such as attainment of the skills which make my service an excellent choice for your proof reading and editing needs.