The lack of even the most basic grammar.

Now, I’m no grammar nazi, I think there has to be a certain degree of movement in English grammar rules, after all, the language, both written and spoken is developing and evolving all the time. However, I do believe that the basics should still be followed. For example, I saw this gem earlier, ‘We’re is the zombies?’ I don’t know if this sort of thing is the fault of education systems around the world or just plain laziness? What I do know is it gets on my wick.

Note: The quote used was taken from a comment posted on a social media group status.

Nat King Neebors

I’ve had the pleasure of editing some of this guys work. It was a challenge though because as an English Sassanach I didn’t understand half of it. I persevered, though. Because what I could see very clearly was a very talented author.

C. J. Nicol

Fitsteps chase us up atween the hooses, an a shadow appears frae naewhere, loomin up ower mah shooder. Ah spin roon an clench mah fists, but there’s naebody there. Whit an eejit! Course there’s naebody there – it’s mah ain bloody shadow comin frae that dingy owerheid, an the fitsteps wis mah ain anaw, echoin up the narrow close eftir us. Ah need tae get a grip an stoap bein sa paranoid. Naebody’s followin us. Naebody’s watchin us. Ah lean back oan the waw, pausin fir a breather.





Ah unzip mah jaiket an pull at the t-shirt unnerneath. There’s big damp patches, an it sticks tae mah chest an oxters. Christ, Ah’m a wreck. Grip, man, get a grip. Ah’m sweatin like a barman at happy oor, an Ah ken if Ah dinnae cool it Ah’ll wind up giein mahsel away. Cause that’s the punch, right…

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The Business of Editing: The Decline & Fall of Editing

An American Editor

For quite some time, I have been concerned about the decline of editing. Increasingly, few books are receiving anything more than cursory editing. Increasingly, the focus is on preparing a document for publication, for example, by applying styles to designate something as a head of second-level bulleted list, than on sentence structure, word choice, grammar, and other language (as opposed to structural) needs.

This is particularly evident in ebooks, especially self-published ebooks.

I have pondered this situation for months without coming up with a satisfactory explanation as to why the original, traditional goals of editing have been stealthily replaced and the lack of “uproar” from readers. Then came the 2016 U.S. elections and it dawned on me that authors and publishers are making this transition because the average reader either can’t separate fact from fiction or doesn’t care whether something is fact or fiction.

I have no plans to dwell…

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